Thursday, May 1, 2014

Save Money - It's That Easy

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PBIRx would like to share exciting news with you, for your plan and for your members! Nexium 24HR OTC is NOW available on shelves. Nexium 24HR OTC is the same as the prescription version of Nexium 20mg, only at a fraction of the cost.

Nexium 24HR (OTC) will cost approximately $21 for a 28 day supply.
Nexium 20 mg prescription version costs the plan $250-$300 for a 28 day supply.

PBIRX Recommendations: 

You can save your plan 90% on this medication!

If your plan does not already exclude Nexium or cover the OTC versions, we can help you implement a change and start savings for your plan.

Our clinical team recommends that our clients exclude all brand prescription medications in this class and cover only the generic prescription versions (which are also around $300 per month) at Tier 2 and cover the OTC versions of these medications at Tier 1 or even at $0 copay.

Please contact your account manager if this is a change that you would like to implement for your plan.