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340B Audits At PBIRx

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Established in 1992 by the U.S Federal Government, the 340B Drug Discount Program requires drug manufacturers to provide discounts on outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations or covered entities. According to the Health Resources & Services Agreement, HRSA, the 340B program enables such covered entities to stretch Federal resources as far as possible, given their ability to reach more eligible patients and provide more in depth services.

In 2012, however, congressional scrutiny of the 340B program oversight inspired the HRSA to conduct audits of 340B eligible entities. To remain in line with the program's purpose, it became their goal to prevent the diversion of covered drugs to non-qualified patients and they hope to prevent drugs from being subject to duplicate discounts under both the 340B program and the Medicaid rebate program.

To carry out their audits, HRSA targets certain entities based on their DSH status, 340B purchasing volume and the use of contract pharmacy arrangements. To date there have been over 200 HRSA audits initiated, and there is a current audit rate of approximately 6-8 entities per month.

Since obtaining a 340B status is critical to obtain certain drugs at such discounted prices, we at PBIRx want to make sure that our clients retain their status and not lose it. That is why we perform on site independent third party 340B compliance audits!

Our audits are a replica of the HRSA audits and are performed by a PBIRx audit team including pharmacists, analysts and experts in HRSA pharmacy policy. At the conclusion of their audit, we provide clients with a detailed evaluation report to help them prepare for their actual HRSA audit. Within our reports, we inform clients of which areas may compromise their participation in the 340B program and will help devise a solution to prevent it from happening. PBIRx has also provided additional support resulting in increased revenue from missed 340B opportunities.

Take action today and maintain your 340B status. For more information about our audits, visit us at or contact us at (888) 797-2479.

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