Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Connect With PBIRx On Social Media?

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For over 22 years, the PBIRx staff has worked hard to develop solutions for our clients that allow them to get more control over their health care costs and specifically increased costs related to the pharmacy benefit. The pharmacy industry is very complex and changing rapidly with new games to increase profit by PBMs, a robust high cost Specialty Drug pipeline, eprescribing, average wholesale price increases, etc.

PBIRx has made it a priority to not only be accessible so that our clients can easily contact us and access all of the latest information we have to offer, but also to proactively provide new savings opportunities and important news quite immediately using all the benefits of social media. Thus, we encourage you to find us on the web at, read our weekly informative blogs and connect with us on social media as a way to keep in touch! If you send us a message or leave us a comment, we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Ready to get connected? We hope to see your name appear on our social media profiles soon!

Blog - PBIRx
You will need to subscribe to our blog in order to be the first to know when we have an update for you. Our blogs are focused on new information related to the pharmacy benefit and healthcare costs, along with services that we can provide to assist you with your pharmacy benefit costs. We know time can be limited, so we will always do our best to share the most pressing information first and keep our blogs short and to the point. You will not have to worry about reading pages and pages just to get the facts.

To subscribe, visit and enter your email address into the box on the right side of our homepage where it states: “Subscribe To Our Blog!”
LinkedIn - PBIRx
Our priority is to help other companies with their pharmacy benefits, and as such, LinkedIn is a platform where we connect with other business leaders and share as much current and useful information as we can. Not only do we share our blog posts on our LinkedIn profile, but we also share industry articles and company updates that we believe are important for our clients and strategic consultant/broker partners to read.

To follow us on LinkedIn, sign into your personal profile and type PBIRx into the search bar at the top that states: “Search for people, jobs, companies, and more…” Then, just click on the “follow” button at the top of our page! Not on LinkedIn? Head on over to and sign up today!
Twitter - @PBIRx
Whether you are active on Twitter or not, you may know its reputation for being a social media platform that allows people to find and share “in-the-moment” updates. Here at PBIRx, we use this to our advantage by sharing the most important news as soon as we learn about it! Additionally, we also share our blog posts on Twitter so that you can read more about our company’s latest news, as well as the most pressing industry news.

To connect with us on Twitter, sign in with your account at, then search for PBIRx in the search bar. Once our name appears in the drop down list, click on it and hit “follow” on our page. Not on Twitter? Visit and click on the sign up button!
Facebook - PBIRx
Connecting with us on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to discover our latest blog posts. Any time a new post is published, we will share it on Facebook! Additionally, Facebook is our go-to outlet for sharing our company’s initiatives and teaching you how all of our tools (such as our cutting edge web based technology) can benefit you and your company; you can even find a breakdown of our services here! By “LIKING” our page, you can count on receiving all of our updates within minutes of them being posted!

To “LIKE” us on Facebook, log into your personal Facebook account and search for PBIRx in the top search bar. Once you click on our page, all you have to do is click the “LIKE” button you see towards the top. Not on Facebook? Go to and start entering your information!
Google+ - PBIRx
Adding us to your circles on Google+ is another way to have access to our blogs. We will always preview our latest posts and share their corresponding links with you so that you can get the inside scoop on what has been happening within PBIRx and within the pharmaceutical industry.

To add us to your circles on Google+, log into your gmail account and visit Then, search for PBIRx in the top search bar, click on our page, hover over the red “follow” button, and select the circle you would like to add us to! Not on Google+? Visit to create an account!

Now that you know where you can find us, we hope you will start following us! If you have any questions, remember that you can always send us a message or talk to us by using social media. The PBIRx team can also be reached at (888) 797-2479.

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