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Specialty Drug Tool Box Spotlight: Dispensing Channel Management

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Following along with our Specialty Drug Tool Box, the next category we focus on is that of dispensing channel management. In order to effectively manage high cost specialty drugs as part of your pharmacy benefits, you must first research and analyze all of the available dispensing channel options before making a decision on which option you will direct members to for each specialty drug. Since specialty drugs are only available for purchase at pre-determined specialty pharmacies or licensed distributors, you will have to decide which is the best for you to partner with based on not only, the array of discounts available, but also the clinical prior authorization protocol to be sure the drug is appropriate for the medical indication AND that the specialty pharmacy is managing the utilization to prevent wastage resulting in a positive healthcare outcome.

There are several options to consider in regards to the dispensing of specialty drugs. The following is a list of a few channels that are available to provide you with the service you need:
  • Retail pharmacy
  • PBM owned specialty pharmacy
  • Doctor's office
  • In house hospital pharmacy
  • Infusion center
  • Limited distribution approved pharmacy
  • Niche specialty pharmacy that offers high touch patient services at similar discounts to the PBM owned specialty pharmacy
At PBIRx, we suggest looking into each of these options in great detail since drug discounts, member management services and rebates vary based on the specific dispensing facility. Additionally, be aware that your PBM may only promote their own specialty pharmacy even when there are pros and cons to other dispensing options. That is why PBIRx suggests asking your PBM about the opportunities listed above, since they might satisfy your needs better than the pharmacy your PBM promotes.

In order to find the right solutions for our clients, using proprietary algorithms, PBIRx diligently analyzes and audits all of the available dispensing options for high cost specialty drugs as part of our efforts to help you manage your pharmacy benefits. For more information on how we can help, visit us at or contact us at (888) 797-2479 today!

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