Friday, September 26, 2014

Specialty Drug Tool Box Spotlight: Clinical and Pharmacoeconomic Outcomes

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As a leader in pharmacy benefit management services, it is our goal to make sure that our clients fully understand the process we use to help them find the right solutions for their health care plan. In our most recent blogs, we focused on the first three components of the Specialty Drug Tool Box and today we will cover the fourth!

The final piece of our tool box rests in clinical and pharmacoeconomic outcomes. Ultimately, this stage encompasses all that came before it by taking a closer look at the specialty drugs chosen and focusing on how both the patient and the disease will also be cared for and managed.

Now that your plan is in place and your patients are provided with the medicine they need, it is crucial to make sure you are managing the patient's disease state as they begin to take the medication as prescribed. To be specific, this includes looking at coordination of care, medication adherence, side effect management and finally, disease management. 

At PBIRx, we are currently piloting integration of specialty pharmacy and medical data using proprietary algorithms to provide actionable data. As you finalize the management of your pharmacy benefits with your PBM, we recommend asking about the different types of programs and reports that are available in order to demonstrate management of the disease in addition to just dispensing a specialty drug.

By closely following the steps outlined in our proprietary Specialty Drug Tool Box, we believe that our clients will have found a solution that best fits their pharmacy benefit needs. Interested in experiencing it for yourself? If you're an entity that provides pharmacy benefits to your employees or members, we suggest connecting with one of our consultants today to enjoy all that our management services have to offer using cutting edge technology and proprietary algorithms. For more information, visit us on our website or contact us at (888) 797-2479 today!

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